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        1. เครดิตฟรีไม่ฝากไม่แชร์ล่าสุด

          U2 Ranch Ltd. is a family run Red and Black Angus ttle breeding operation consisting of Darren and Joanne Unger and our two children, Cole and Jordyn. We are all born and raised in Southern Alberta and have been involved in the ttle business and farming all our lives.

          Our ranch lifestyle revolves around our cows and much of the time our entire family gets involved on a day to day basis. Our focus starts with our cowherd and the strong maternal traits that are vital for success. Our loyal customers have come to expect the very best from us, and we recognize this responsibility and thrive on the continual challenge.

          If you are ever in the area please give us a ll and stop by. We would welcome your visit and be happy to show you around anytime.

          Darren and Joanne, Cole and Jordyn

          U2 Ranch News


          U2 Connection Bull Sale

          March 23 , 1pm at the Ranch
          Featuring 200 Red and Black Angus Bulls

          CLICK HERE

          Here is a sneak preview of some of the
          bulls on offer